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Freebie: 2015 Planner

7/11/2014,0 Comments

Freebie #2: Free Printable 2015 Planner.

Here goes my second freebie for this year! I love making planners as well as using them! They're very handy. Even if others might label them as old school, I don't really care. The creativity and productivity that comes with using one is beyond awesome!

I would like to present my second freebie for this year: 2015 Monthly Planner!

Free, printable and colorful! It comes with 11 x 8.5 inches size, with different colors for every month. You can also add your own notes in the notes area at the right side of every month's page.

Here's a preview for the month of January.

Sample page: January 2015.

I love making checklists and keeping track of the dates, special dates, due dates and memorable dates. That's why I love planners. They're basically my best friend. I used to buy commercial planners from bookstores but sometimes, they don't really fit my needs all that well. That's why I decided to make one for the coming year: 2015.

To browse them individually and select which pages to download, click the blue download button below.


To download all the pages, click the pink download button below.


Thanks for visiting and may you enjoy it! :)

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