80-day savings tracker

Freebie: 80-Day Savings Tracker

7/10/2014,0 Comments

Freebie! 80-Day Savings Tracker!

Hello guys! I've been silent for almost two months! I'm sorry for my absence (although perhaps there are others out there who might found it convenient). I've been trying to battle my laziness and day-dreaming. There are lots of ideas floating in my brain right now and I don't really know what to make of them. -_-

I guess thinking too much is slightly better than not thinking at all. (Excuses...?)

Anyway, I'm proud to present my first ever freebie! It's printable and I named it "80-Day Savings Tracker" because you can record your savings (for a specific day within 80 days) in it. You can fill in the bluish box with the thing that you wanna grab for yourself. For instance in my case, I wanna save up money to get a medium Wacom Intuos before this year ends. So basically, if everything goes as planned, I'd be able to grab one this year's December!

I keep my savings in a labeled can with my record on one side.

So how does this thing work? Aside from the balance column, everything else is self-explanatory. For the balance, it depends on you what to write in the column. There are two ways.

I, personally, jot down the money I still need to save up for. For example, Wacom Intuos (medium-sized) is around 11, 000 PHP. I already have 100 PHP listed in my amount column so that makes the remaining "balance" 10, 900 PHP.

Other people like to do it the other way around. For instance, they write the amount 100 PHP and another 100 PHP for the balance. That is applicable for the first day. On the second day, say you've managed to drop in 200 PHP, that makes your balance [100 (day 1) plus 200 (day 2)] 300 PHP.

The reason why I like the first method is because it reminds of the amount that I still need to save up for. Besides, knowing that in each passing day, the amount that I need to drop in my can lessens is some sort of a motivation for me. :)

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