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Journal and Planner Archive

8/06/2016,0 Comments

I love to write my thoughts down. Writing helps me process things and come up with a better perspective of what's going on. Also, I am addicted to cute notebooks and journals! My choices include functional, cute, and minimalist.

My collections of planners and journals:

Top row: Red one is for long notes that are worth remembering. Le Petit Prince is like a diary and reflection notebook. I also write wonderful personal happenings in it. Where To Next is a travel planner I haven't started using yet. No worries because it's dateless. I don't have the money and time to use it yet.

Middle row: Languo traveler's notebook is for my artsy stuffs. I like it so much because it's handy and is so cute! Dream Do Defy is a work planner and financial planner. Prince's handmade Bullet Journal is the bullet journal I made when I couldn't find a dotted journal anywhere. I haven't maximized its use yet but it's where I drew my 2016 road map.

Bottom row: Bible diary for my daily dose of the Holy Gospel.

Although my boyfriend always drags me away from the National Bookstore whenever we are in a mall, I don't think I'll be settling with these good stuffs. I might discover a great journal that I can use for other stuffs like cooking or recipe journal, workout journal/planner, and a whole lot more! 

Or maybe I'll just make one. :)

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