Differences between Crushes and Friends

1/12/2014,3 Comments

There is a line between friends and crushes but it's never really that hard to cross. :) Photo from wattpad.

Found this awesome video. Now, is this really true? Is this how your guy friend is treating you girls? Treating you like you're just another buddy? Another guy from their bunch of dudes?

It varies from person to person. Personally, my guy friends make fun of me but they also show some care and concern toward me.

When it comes to crushes, they are quiet and reserved and get the jitters when they are anywhere near their crush. It's highly unusual for a guy to be so carefree, gallant and brave in front of their crush. They are usually shy when they are around the girl they fancy. It comes with paranoia and the mentality that they are not supposed to make even a single mistake that might give them an ugly first impression.

I don't know but that's what I have observed. I'm not a guy but I love hanging out with them. Why? There's less drama when you're with guys. They are not the drama queens that are going to be upset just because you failed to show up on time. They're cool to be with, really. More like a breath of fresh air. :)

Nonetheless, the video is great, despite the awkwardness that I felt when I was watching it. :)

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  1. I always trust my instinct when it comes to women. If I have positive chemistry with a girl, I go for it all out. But if not, then just move on and be friends.

    1. That sounds so cool. It means that you're not the insecure type of guy then because, as you've said, you trust your instincts. :)

  2. Nice comparison! For sure many people are wondering what the difference is. It's great to have crushes regardless of the age.