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Nutrition Month 2014: Kalamidad Paghandaan, Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan

7/12/2014,0 Comments

It's been years since I last posted a poster for a monthly celebration such as Nutrition Month and Buwan ng Wika. I've been caught up with life lately and I wanted to do something to break the monotony of my everyday routines.

Since going on vacation is way beyond my sphere of financial capability, I decided to do something quite within my reach.

I decided to make a poster for this year's nutrition month to act as some sort of recreation. Another reason why I was inspired to make one is because I noticed that lots of viewers have been visiting my Poster for Nutrition Month post. I made that poster quite a long time ago. Say like... 5-6 years ago and the details are hardly parallel to this year's theme.

The theme for 2014 Nutrition Month Celebration is:

Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan

I couldn't really think of a way on how to draw malnutrition without consuming lots of space so I drew the opposite instead: a healthy kid with a basket of fresh foods to eat.

Just finished tracing with a marker.

I finished this outline the night before last night. I put off coloring for the next night (which was last night) because I had things to attend to yesterday. :)

The outline.

The image above is how the outline looked like. Looks kinda boring and unorganized, eh?

Now there goes the finished product.

The three arrows encircling the kid represent reduce, reuse and recycle because I believe that applying that principle can help lessen the greenhouse gasses, in the broader picture, thereby reducing the chance of climate change and calamities brought by increased temperature in the atmosphere.

The reduce, reuse and recycle can also be applied during and after calamities since there is limited supply of goods and basic necessities. Besides, it can help lessen the chances of disease breakout. Why? Because the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle involves responsible waste disposal. :)

I cited some examples of calamities in my poster to add substance to it. The Filipinos (with salakot) and their shields represent the "Kalamidad Paghandaad" part of the theme.

Going clockwise: flooding or tsunami, typhoon or hurricane, volcanic eruptions, earthquake.

The image above signifies flooding or tsunami... or any calamity that involves water. :)

The drawing above represents a typhoon or storm or hurricane -- whatever you call it in your place.

The one above represents volcanic eruption and wild fire.

Lastly, an earthquake!

Why Earth? Because calamities happen all over the world. There's no single country that can help prevent it from happening, unless all countries and their citizens work together. :)


  • Black Marker
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Oil Pastels
  • 1/4 white cartolina (because I was a little lazy to go with the 1 whole). If you're gonna use cartolina, don't pick the one with a very smooth and shiny surface. It's not helpful when you're gonna blend colors. Colors don't attach too well on them.

I hope you can get an idea on what to draw during your own 2014 Nutrition Month Poster Making Competition. I'd be more than grateful if you share your own experience or ideas through the comments section below.

If you're trying to grab a copy for reference purposes, I'm sorry to say but right click has been disabled in this blog -- to preserve intellectual property, that is. You can, however, DOWNLOAD this poster through the download buttons below.


P.S. Once you've clicked the download buttons above, another tab will appear that contains something similar to the image below.

To download, kindly follow the instructions. :)

How to download. :)

Thanks for visiting and do drop some comments if you find this post useful at all. :)

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