Nutrition Month Poster

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I don't really make posters often because I already ran out of passion for arts, what with the frustrations and all. I just make some when I'm in the mood. Photo from artlift.

Here's one poster I extracted from my old blog. I just wanna reblog it again. However, I would kindly warn you not to expect too much because I'm not a professional artist. I just want to help students get some idea about what to draw during the Nutrition Month Poster Making Competition in their respective schools. If you don't like the idea, please say so in a polite way. If you think the idea is good, leave some friendly and encouraging comments.


Oil pastels
Marker (fine)
Couple of Scratch Papers
Sketch Pad


As you can see, there’s hand at the bottom part of my poster. This hand represents us, the people. It means that it depends on what we eat whether we can have a good health or not. Of course there are also other factors there, which contributes to one’s health but we’re talking about Nutrition Month here so the thing to be considered is someone’s Nutrition.

The hand grew roots, right? It means that it is in our hands where it all began – the Nutrition which will determine our Health, I mean.

The hand has different foods in it. Healthy foods. I draw it in a way that may resemble an onion so that I can demonstrate the conceptualized idea in a form a plant because later, it grew leaves and at the top of it is a book, which means knowledge and a caduceus which is a symbol for Health.


At first, I prepared ALL the materials I have to use. Then, scribbling the theme in a small piece of paper, I read it over and over again and tried to think of things which I can use as metaphor to explain the theme in my poster.

I tried to sketch the idea I had in the scratch papers, shifting the pieces from one corner to another until I came up with a more organized and understandable arrangement of the elements.

Using the scratch papers, I outlined the design in my sketch pad using a pencil. I started from the hand, going upwards. I traced it with a marker and colored it with my oil pastels. I imagined that there’s a light coming from the top so that I can determine where to put the shadow in my colors. Of course, the shadows are opposite the source of light. I colored first the fruits, next is the hand, followed by the leaves and upwards. I colored the background lastly. It’s because the background of my poster is black and if I color it first, I may accidentally taint the other elements. Besides, the first thing to color is the most important piece of the poster so that if in any case your time is already running short, at least you have colored the main piece.

The manner of coloring I use is rubbing my fingers against the colored area to spread and tone and add texture to the color of the piece. I don’t use cotton or cloth because it will only wipe the colors off instead of spreading them.

After I colored everything, I traced the drawing using a pencil to enhance the color. Apparently, some of the outline of my drawing have been covered with oil pastels, so in order to make it clear again, I traced the blackened outline using a pencil.

If you wanna see and download my poster for the 2014 Nutrition Month, the one you can see below, click here.

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