Caramoan Island Hopping: My Dream-Come-True

4/14/2015,0 Comments

I finally went to Caramoan this summer (April 6-9) with my baby and some of his classmates. It had been one of my dreams to visit the place, which is roughly 5 hours away from my hometown, and finally I can put a check mark on it.

I love this particular shot (and another one below) that I felt bad putting watermark on it. Anyway, for the sake of protecting copyright, I still did, because not everyone in the Internet practice honesty at all times. :)

I didn't get to take any photos of my own and I intend to go back to Caramoan to take my own photos a few years from now. Anyway, it was a lovely experience. I had fun, of course. Although I wasn't that comfortable meeting new people, my baby's classmates didn't make the encounter that awkward. They were so friendly and genuinely kind folks. They had so much energy; I could barely keep up with them. Had good laughs with them.

The photos in this post aren't mine. Full credits go to Gero, Val and Tibs.

Warning: This post is overloaded with photos. Words cannot capture the beauty of the place so if you wanna know how breathtaking it is, book a trip and see for yourself. :)

The journey from Sabang port to Caramoan.

Just before Day One's island hopping.

Photo above was taken on the first island we visited. I don't think I need additional tanning. I had the most tanned skin among the group. :3

Climbing up to see the enchanted bangus. 

  Candid (?)


 Baby and I.

Another lovely shot.

My eyes can't help but be glued to this photo. This is one of the floating cottages offered by one of the islands. This is the island with fine, white sand beach that stretched for meters from the shore. We had fun counting the starfishes and snorkeling over the coral reefs. This is my favorite part of the trip.

There was also a side-trip to Camarines Sur Water-sports Complex (CWC) -- included in the package.

 Baby's attempt at knee boarding.

One more thing that I loved about this trip was the accommodation. The Traveler's Camp was cozy, despite the power shortages, and the staffs were incredibly accommodating and super friendly. And when we were already leaving and heading to the port during our last day, the car had a flat tire. And the next thing I knew was we were already being led to a pick-up van. Very efficient service. And the food tasted great too!

Caramoan has lots of great things to offer. I just hope that the islands will be properly maintained, preserved, and not be exploited by hungry business-minded people because some tourists actually love nature, just the natural way it is.

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