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Buwan ng Wika 2015 Poster

8/06/2016,0 Comments

 Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2015.

Hi guys! It's August and in this month we celebrate our national language. The theme for this year's (2016) Buwan ng Wika celebration is Filipino: Wika ng Karunungan.

So since it's already Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa, I decided to continue my long overdue poster for the 2015 Buwan ng Wika.

I have already finished tracing my poster with a marker last August 2015! And a year after, I decided that it's time to finish it and share it with you guys.

Download Here

Be sure that you have already read the Download Instructions before clicking the download icon below. Once done, you're good to go!

I haven't had the time to create a poster for the Nutrition Month 2016. Also, I can't promise that I will be able to make a poster for the 2016 Buwan ng Wika because I'm super busy right now. The things I need to do are multiplying even as I finish them one by one. Work to do keeps on piling up.

Here are the materials that I used:

  • Pentel oil pastels
  • Pilot marker, black, fine
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • 1/4 white cartolina (slightly rough to touch)

The theme for the 2015 Buwan ng Wika is "Filipino: Wika ng Pambansang Kaunlaran." Like what I always do before I begin drawing my poster, I get the keywords from the theme. So the keywords that I get are:

Filipino (language)
Pambansa (Philippines)
Kaunlaran (Progress)

Then, I decide what symbols I'm going to use and how I'm going to combine those symbols for each keyword to create the story of the poster, so that when people look at it, they can decode what it means. The elements must look connected to each other. That's important.

Disclaimer: I'm no expert. I'm just sharing how I do things and what I think is the good way to make a poster. You can disagree with me and I'll be fine with it. Just be civilized about it. :)

  • Filipino (language) symbols: Lakay (quill), books and parchment, ink, Laurel wreath.
  • Pambansa (Philippines) symbols: Philippine flag, salakot of Juan dela Cruz, 
  • Kaunlaran symbols: I decided to portray all industries present in the Philippines. We are mostly agricultural so there should be fields and crops. We are an archipelago so there should be waters and fishes. I believe that progress must be felt in all sectors in order to make the kaunlaran a pambansa one. Also, torch, professionals, infrastructures/jobs, and good health care system.

WIP (Work in Progress)

As you can see, from the books, parchments and ink sprang all those elements I have for Kaunlaran or progress -- enclosed by two other elements. On the right are the elements for Filipino/Wika: Lakay, Laurel wreath, road that is connected to a hand bearing a blazing torch. On the left are the elements for Pambansa (Philippines): Philippine flag and salakot. The professionals/Filipinos may also represent the Pambansa.

I'm yet to upload the finished product. Stay tuned! :)

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