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Nutrition Month 2015: Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo

7/05/2015,0 Comments

Hi guys! I'm finally done making a poster for this year's Nutrition Month Celebration. The Nutrition Month in the Philippines is being celebrated annually every July. You can refer to my previous Nutrition Month poster entry here. I also made one for the 2014 Nutrition Month and you can check it out here.

The theme for the 2015 Nutrition Month Celebration is:
Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo
You guys can use this poster for reference purpose only. It's up to you if you copy all of it; I don't really mind. However, I guess adding your own personal touch is a better option. You can also improve it if you want. It's up to you. I know you have lots of better ideas. :)

So this is the draft that I've chosen for my poster.

In drafting, what I usually do is I jot down the theme on a clean sheet of bond paper. Then I would fold that paper into four equal parts. I would draw my ideas on the first part and if I find it lacking in detail, I would make another one on the second part.

I would keep on improving the draft of my poster until I get satisfied with the placement of the details and elements. Also, through this method, I can readily refer to my previous drafts and compare my progress.

Why a bond paper? Because it's smaller so I won't get tired easily. Besides, it's just the draft. I just need to get my ideas out and sort the elements as I desire.

After deciding which draft to use, I will proceed to making the real poster. I start it out by sketching with a pencil and tracing with a marker.

Note: Some poster making competitions have guidelines like you cannot use a marker or a pencil and you're only allowed to use three colors of your choice plus black. So before making your poster, make sure that you have checked the guidelines so that you won't get disqualified.

I know this looks messy.

So here is the finished version of my poster.

What's the theme again? Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo. So I have taken note of the following keywords:

  • Timbang (weight)
  • Tamang Nutrisyon (proper nutrition)
  • Ehersisyo (exercise)

So since I already knew the keywords that needed to appear in my poster, I just had to think of symbols or images that can represent those keywords. That's how I came up with the finished output.

In this particular part, you will notice a division, like there's two sides of the boy. On one side, he could be seen eating healthy foods while on the other side, he could be seen doing some exercise.

When these two elements are combined, it could result to a normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

So what is BMI? BMI is measure of body fat based on height and weight. Formula in getting the BMI is weight (in kilogram) divided by height (in meter) squared.

Body Mass Index formula. Image source: fitgirlpersonaltraining.

For interpretation of the result of your calculation, you can refer to this image by DOST: Body Mass Index  for Filipinos.

So what if the BMI is normal? BMI is simply one measure of health as it relates to body weight and height of the person. Having a normal BMI means that your weight is healthy or normal related to your height. A normal BMI reading indicates that the person is more likely to be healthier than someone who is underweight or overweight. However, there are still other factors that influence the overall health of an individual.

UW stands for underweight, N for normal and OW for overweight. BMI stands for body mass index. This is poster making so use of words must be minimized.


  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Oil pastels
  • 1/4 white cartolina (because I was a little lazy to go with the 1 whole). If you're gonna use cartolina, don't pick the one with a very smooth and shiny surface. It's not helpful when you're gonna blend colors. Colors don't attach too well on them.

I hope I've been of help in giving you idea on what to draw during your own 2015 Nutrition Month Poster Making Competition. I'd be more than grateful if you share your own experience or ideas through the comments section below.

If you're trying to grab a copy for reference purposes, I'm sorry to say but right click has been disabled in this blog -- to preserve intellectual property, that is. You can, however, DOWNLOAD this poster through the download buttons below.

P.S. Once you've clicked the download buttons above, another tab will appear that contains something similar to the image below.

To download, kindly follow the instructions. :)

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